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Top Minecraft servers in India

For gamers all over the globe, Minecraft is a huge pop culture phenomenon. This indie game has seen rapid popularity in India over the past few years thanks to the arrival of incredible content creators such as Techno Gamerz and Loggy Chapati.

The Indian Minecraft community has seen a significant increase in the number of multiplayer servers due to so many players. Many players want to play the same games as content creators online like Skyblocks and Bedwars.

This article shares some popular Minecraft servers for Indian players. These servers can be used by both premium and cracked players as the creators are aware of the Indian Minecraft community.


Server IP address is

Players should look out for classic survival games, skyblocks, and bedwars when joining a Minecraft server. Players can play vanilla survival games on the Alonefield server or engage in PVP action with bedwars.

Alonefield offers something for everyone.

Minecraft server by Mr. Random

Server IP address:

Another well-known name in Indian YouTube is Mr. Random. His donation and charity videos are well-known. His fans have good news: he hosts a Minecraft server that is open to everyone. This server allows players to play survival mode, bedwars and other mini-games.

Minecraft India

Server IP Address:

Minecraft India is a server that was created specifically for Indian players. It was the first Indian server to be made public. Although the launch was many years ago, players continue to play on the server.

Minecraft India offers many mini-games, hardcore and survival games. You will see stunning stone structures on the server, which is themed around medieval times.

Minecraft Gamers United

Server IP Address:

Minecraft Gamers United (or MGU), is one of India’s most popular Minecraft servers. Players can have fun and not worry about other players while playing peaceful survival games. This server has a lot to offer players who are willing to fight it out.

Minecraft Gamers United has factions and skyblocks for hunger, skyblocks, skyblocks, bedwars and tower defense games.

Technogamerz’s Minecraft server

Server IP Address:

Technogamerz is a big name in Indian Minecraft Community. Ujwal Chaurasia (also known as Technogamerz) has achieved remarkable success by gaining more than 17 million subscribers.

For his huge fan base, he has set up a Minecraft server. This server allows players to play survival, bedwars and arcade games such as TNT tag and TNT run, Quake and many more.

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Talk about Minecraft servers..

Minecraft is more than a videogame.

Minecraft is not just for the younger generation. Adults are equally attracted to this gaming phenomenon. It has sold over 200 million copies and continues to be one of the most popular game franchises.

There are many dedicated servers for Minecraft multiplayer. But, don’t forget to register your IP on Minecraft servers to avoid any third-party access. We have you covered if you want a safer way to play. Although there have been many new server hosting websites in this year, the most popular Minecraft server hosting companies are still highly sought-after.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Minecraft hosting services as of May 2021 and listed the key attributes that made them stand out.