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Minecraft Mod Makes Minecraft a Doctor Who Episode

Mods for Minecraft are constantly improving, but it can be difficult to keep track. New ones, like the Mi Alliance, are being constantly released. Reddit is a great place to share interesting things. That’s how we discovered about Immersive Portals mod. Now we’re sharing that discovery with you.

Ninjadud uploaded a Reddit video showing their “Cursed House,” which is a tiny cubicle on the exterior with a large manor inside. It’s a very impressive clip. You can also see a YouTube video that shows the entire experience. The Immersive Portals mod is the trick to all of this.

Immersive Portals was released in 2019 but has been updated regularly since. Fabric API is used to create the mod, which adds some cool features. One of the most prominent features is the ability to see through portals. This makes everything feel much more connected. You can make your portals horizontal or different shapes.

Mirrors can be used to create two-way portals in overworld. You can even wrap the world with special portals that allow for infinite repeating of space for mind-warping effects. It all depends on how you use it. However, you can find all the possible uses on the mod’s wiki.

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How to xray in Minecraft without cheating

If you are a Minecraft player and want to find structures or End portal rooms, it can be exhausting to go underground. However, there are ways to speed things up with X-ray glitches.

There are many X-ray vision mods online that can be used in certain situations. However, players can also glitch Minecraft’s engine in vanilla Minecraft to see through floors and walls.

There are many ways to glitch Minecraft, and get partial X-ray vision across the game’s various platforms like Java Edition or Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft: Different Xray Vision Methods

Minecraft works in a way that blocks are made transparent to the player. The camera can clip through transparent blocks to give a view of the environment when the player is looking at their character model.

A player who is suffering from suffocation will have their vision blocked. The block they are inside is opaque to the camera. Keeping this in mind, you can maneuver your character and the camera to see through transparent blocks.

This X-ray vision can be achieved in Minecraft by using the third-person camera inside a tunnel that is 2-blocks high and 1-block wide.

These tunnels are used for mining by many players. However, by changing to third-person and moving the camera beyond the tunnel’s boundaries, players can view caves, structures, and other objects within the tunnel. This view is however limited.

There are many options beyond the third-person method of camera, some of which can be found below.

Minecraft: Java Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

If you don’t feel up to installing new add-ons or mods, X-ray vision can be incredibly useful. You may be amazed at how much you discover the next time that you play.

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Beginner friendly mods for Minecraft

Minecraft is an open-world, massively multiplayer game that allows players to interact with a variety of magical and natural creatures. The game’s early days were dominated by mobs to improve the experience.

Some are friendly and some not so. Mobs are useful and dangerous to new players as they become more familiar with the game. For beginners, survival is the most important thing. Knowing which mobs is essential to progress in the game will help you.

Top 5 Minecraft mobs to start with

Although there are many mob types in minecraft you will only find a handful that are helpful in the beginning. These are the most important mobs you can interact with in Minecraft, based on their advantages.

5) Wandering traders and villagers

The Wandering Traders mobs of villager and wandering traders are the closest to the player in terms of biology and behaviour. These mobs are useful when the player has a useless item. They can trade it for emeralds or emeralds in order to get an item of their choice.

4) Horse, Donkey, and Mule

Donkeys, horses and mules are passive mobs that can be found mostly on plains. They can speed up a player’s movement on the ground and can be controlled by wheat or by sitting on them. Wooden chests can be attached so that donkeys and mules have more space for items.

3) Wolves and Cats

These cute looking cats and wolves can be kept as pets. You can tame wolves with bones and cats with fresh fish. Both are excellent companions for new players. They are also great at protecting players from hostile mobs. Any type of mob that you attack first can be attacked by dogs. Creepers are afraid of cats, so they won’t approach them or explode.

2) Sheep

Passive mobs of sheep spawn randomly in all warm biomes. Because of their wooly bodies, they are essential for beginners. You can use wool to make beds. This will save you from the dangers that night brings. They can also be used to make meat.

1) Cows and Pigs

These mobs may not be the most attractive to look at and can even appear useless at first. They are essential early in the game, however. For beginners, it is very difficult to survive without them. They act as the main source for food for players. Consuming their meat increases the number of hunger bars.

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Best 1v1 servers in Minecraft

Minecraft PvP is a major aspect of the game. Some of the most popular gamemodes, such as Minecraft Bedwars, are PvP-based.

Playing on a server with duels is one of the best ways to improve your skills in Minecraft PvP. These servers allow players to battle in a PvP battle, where their skills can be tested to the maximum.

If you are looking for a great Minecraft server to play on, then look no further. This guide will highlight five of best Minecraft server with duels. Each has no lags, good anti-cheat and duel maps.

Top 5 Minecraft Servers to Play PvP

1) Purple PvP

Server IP Address:

Purple is one the most popular PvP servers, with thousands of players during peak hours.

This server allows players to practice their PvP skills by playing in one of the many practice duel modes. Once they are ready, they can compete in the competitive dual gamemodes.

2) Minemen Club

Server IP Address:

This server is another popular choice for PvP dueling. It is especially well-known for its anti-cheating system, AntiGamingChair or AGC.

AGC is the best Minecraft anti-cheat and will provide a smooth experience for all legitimate players. It will also stop any cheaters in their tracks.

3) Hypixel Duels

Server IP Address:

Hypixel has an amazing 100,000 players on weekends peak hours. It is undoubtedly the most popular Minecraft server.

Although duels may not be the most popular gamemode on the server, Hypixel’s duels mode is still of high quality and offers many different modes. UHC, which is a close-knit group of players, is the most popular Hypixel duel mode.

4) Lunar Network

Server IP Address:

The Lunar Network Minecraft server, which is well-known for its PvP client Lunar Client and is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take part in 1v1 duels.

The best thing about duels on Lunar Network are the many different types of duel that are available.

5) is the server IP address

Ghostly, a relatively new PvP server, has seen remarkable popularity recently due to its simple focus on serving as a non-nonsense Minecraft PvP environment.

Duels are a popular activity on this dedicated server for PvP. This server has a high skill level, so some of the best Minecraft PvPers are known to frequent it.

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Uses for copper in Minecraft

Copper, one of the newest additions to Minecraft’s Overworld ores, isn’t as useful as its more well-known counterparts. It still offers some craftable items and decorative options.

Copper can be found underground in veins similar to other ores. It is notable for its mixed tan-green color which makes it stand out to the eye.

Copper ore can be mined to produce raw copper. This copper can then be melted into copper ingots which will increase crafting possibilities. Copper ingots are used for the following purposes:

This corresponds to how many ores were modified in Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs Update.

Block of Copper

Copper blocks can be used as decoration or building blocks. They are made with nine copper ingots. Copper blocks can oxidize if left in the open air, such as Minecraft.

You can fix this by using the honeycomb item from bee nests and hives to wax the block.

Lightning Rod

Minecraft players can create a lightning rod by opening their crafting grid, placing three copper ingots vertically on top of each other in the middle column. Lightning strikes are attracted to nearby blocks by the lightning rod.

Although it might not be obvious, harnessing lightning can be used to create redstone machinery. It also protects flammable blocks against being set on fire by lightning strikes. Multiple lightning strikes can be used to decorate a location.


In Minecraft, spyglasses can be made in a similar way to a lightning rod. Players will need to place an Amethyst Shard on top of the grid instead of a copper Ingot. The spyglass can be used to limit the field of vision and increase the zoom.

While it won’t reveal anything too far away, the spyglass zooms in to clarify any information that the player is able to see.

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How to unlock runes in Minecraft dungeons

There are many secrets in Minecraft Dungeons. Secret levels are also included. For secrecy purposes, one of these secrets is simply called “??????” For secrecy reasons, one of these is simply titled “???????”. But fans will soon discover that it’s the hidden cow level.

Nine runes are required to unlock this secret level. They are hidden behind secret doors in levels. To play the secret level, players must collect all nine runes. This is how you unlock the runes of Minecraft Dungeons.

One caveat is required for finding these runes. Minecraft Dungeons requires that players complete the game before they can find any runes. Before embarking on this journey, you must have completed all levels of the campaign.

The runes can be found by players re-playing the levels. Minecraft Dungeons players have the option to set the difficulty to the lowest level and start searching. They don’t need to finish the level. To move forward, they just need to find the rune.

Creeper Woods is the first level. This level’s rune is located in a small village that has been occupied by corrupt villages. A stone area is located nearby. A switch will open a secret door. The switch will allow players to enter, interact with the rune and collect it.

Players will need keys to unlock the levels in Cacti Canyon. There is a section with enemies at the bottom left. Once they are dead, go to the nearest palm tree to the stone wall. There will be another switch that will give you a rune.

The boss in Soggy Swamp is the first player to be defeated. The boss will then be defeated. Another button is located near that for the third rune.

The rune in Pumpkin Pastures is very close to its beginning. There is a hill nearby with ramparts that surround the house that has caught fire. The fourth switch is located behind a few crates, just after the ramparts.

Redstone Mines will require Minecraft Dungeons players to rescue villages for the second consecutive time. Near the northern wall, near crystals with lanterns, will be the switch.

The rune can be found in Fiery Forge. There are steps leading down to a switch that can be seen for the rune at the first door.

The seventh rune is found in Desert Temple. The switch that allows players to access the gold key is located in the room. It’s a bit difficult to locate. It also has the next rune.

Highblock Hall is the place where you will find the penultimate rane. A small village is crawling with zombies near the end of this level. To your right will be stairs that lead to the level of the stone wall with the rune.

The Obsidian Pinnacle holds the final rune. This rune can be found in the middle level’s library.

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How to start getting achievements in Minecraft bedrock

Minecraft, like many other games loves to guide its players through their in-game experience. The Java Edition of Minecraft uses “advancements”, but a similar system is used for Bedrock Edition. This system is known as the “achievement system”. The achievement system guides new Minecraft players through the basics and rewards them for completing tasks that help to improve their game play.

There is a natural way to acquire most achievements. However, some achievements require that certain conditions be met before the achievement can be awarded. Minecraft Bedrock now has 118 achievements. This is significantly more than the Java version.

Minecraft Bedrock achievements vary in difficulty, and can be classified. You don’t need to do much work and some achievements are easy to obtain. The “Getting Wood” achievement is one example. It requires players to use their fists to cut wood when they spawn.

There are also achievements such as “The End… Again …”, which requires the player to kill the Ender Dragon and then respawn it. These are both difficult tasks.

Note: The author’s opinion is the only one that this article represents. The article does not give specific instructions, but is focused on achieving general achievements.

Achievements in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

As soon as players spawn in Minecraft’s vast world, they can begin earning achievements. To earn achievements, players must complete specific tasks. This allows them to move on in their Minecraft journey. Each achievement can only be earned once in any Minecraft World.

To achieve any achievement, you need a new survival world. It is essential that cheats are disabled in the world. Achievements will be permanently disabled if the world is in creative mode or if there are no game saves. Even if players switch to survival mode with commands, they will not be able to turn achievements on.

These steps are taken in order to provide a vanilla Minecraft experience. This is true for all achievements and trophies on any platform.

Microsoft and PlayStation account accounts allow you to track your achievements

The player’s Microsoft Account is another factor to be considered. The Microsoft account is used to track achievements on all platforms, except the Playstation 4 version. If the player isn’t logged in to their Microsoft account, achievements can’t be earned. It is worth noting that the game can still been played.

The PlayStation 4 version of the game has trophies that can be earned when the player connects to the PlayStation Network. If the Network is not connected, the trophies will be saved as local saves and will automatically sync when the player connects.

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Smithing in minecraft

The Smithing Table is a very underrated block in Minecraft. Many new players won’t be able to appreciate the benefits and uses of the Smithing Table as they won’t use it for long periods. However, the table can still be very useful if players are able to use it correctly.

You can make the table by using four different types of wood planks and two iron ingots. These tables are also found in certain villages. You can break it with an axe. It drops as a normal object. The table is a less well-known but very useful item in the game. Players must be able to know when and how to use it.

How to use a Minecraft smithing table

When should the table be used?

Many players may make their way to the table and attempt to use it. Players will only need certain items, such as netherite ingots or any armor or diamond tool, to be able to use the table.

It is extremely rare to find Netherite in the game. It can be found in the Nether realm in the form rare Ancient Debris blocks. Players will not be allowed to use the table unless they have netherite Ingots.

Villagers can use the smithing tables as a job site block for toolsmiths so that they can trade with players.

How to use the table

You can use the table in two main ways: to convert armor and diamond tools into netherite and as a job site block for toolsmiths.

Conversion of armor and diamond tools into netherite

Players can upgrade their diamond gear to netherite by using an anvil. However, there are some trade-offs such as an increased work penalty and an enchantment fee. Players can convert their armor and diamond tools to netherite using the table without incurring any enchantment costs or work penalties.

The gear can be converted to work on the table. However, it will retain its enchantment. This is the main purpose of the table.

Villager profession

A villager mob can connect to a smithing tablet and become a toolsmith if it is within range of the table. The mob can trade different types of weapons to get emeralds. This trick can be used by players to hire any villager to become toolsmith. Some minecraft servers even encourage their players to roleplay as one.

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Leashes in Minecraft

Leads can be used in more ways than you might think.

Leads can be found in loot boxes, or taken from wandering traders with their llamas. They are used to tie to a specific mob and allow the player to bring that mob along.

Leads can also be used to connect a mob to another object, such as a fence or wall in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. These are the primary functions of leads, and they’re very easy to implement.

Minecraft: How to use leads for entities

A lead can be obtained by any Minecraft player. The item will be added to the toolbar so that players can select it and place it in their hands.

Next, players will need to locate the entity or object to which they want to attach the lead. Below is a list that allows players to attach entities to leads:

Boats (in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition)
Tamed Cats
Chickens (including those being ridden by Chicken Jockeys)
Glow Squids
Iron Golems
Llamas (including those owned by the Wandering Trader)
Polar Bears
Skeleton Horses (including those being ridden)
Snow Golems
Villagers (with edited NBT Tags)
Tamed Wolves
Zombie Horses

Once they have located the block or entity they wish to attach the lead too, players can simply approach the entity holding the lead and press the right-click button or the use button on other devices.

This will attach the lead to the entity. Players can then have the entity follow them. They can tie the other end of the lead to the entity by right-clicking or pressing the use button.

Minecraft players can use leads to decorate their Minecraft world by tying them together with fence blocks and walls. These handy items have been used by some players to create structures like power lines or rope bridges.

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Top Minecraft servers in India

For gamers all over the globe, Minecraft is a huge pop culture phenomenon. This indie game has seen rapid popularity in India over the past few years thanks to the arrival of incredible content creators such as Techno Gamerz and Loggy Chapati.

The Indian Minecraft community has seen a significant increase in the number of multiplayer servers due to so many players. Many players want to play the same games as content creators online like Skyblocks and Bedwars.

This article shares some popular Minecraft servers for Indian players. These servers can be used by both premium and cracked players as the creators are aware of the Indian Minecraft community.


Server IP address is

Players should look out for classic survival games, skyblocks, and bedwars when joining a Minecraft server. Players can play vanilla survival games on the Alonefield server or engage in PVP action with bedwars.

Alonefield offers something for everyone.

Minecraft server by Mr. Random

Server IP address:

Another well-known name in Indian YouTube is Mr. Random. His donation and charity videos are well-known. His fans have good news: he hosts a Minecraft server that is open to everyone. This server allows players to play survival mode, bedwars and other mini-games.

Minecraft India

Server IP Address:

Minecraft India is a server that was created specifically for Indian players. It was the first Indian server to be made public. Although the launch was many years ago, players continue to play on the server.

Minecraft India offers many mini-games, hardcore and survival games. You will see stunning stone structures on the server, which is themed around medieval times.

Minecraft Gamers United

Server IP Address:

Minecraft Gamers United (or MGU), is one of India’s most popular Minecraft servers. Players can have fun and not worry about other players while playing peaceful survival games. This server has a lot to offer players who are willing to fight it out.

Minecraft Gamers United has factions and skyblocks for hunger, skyblocks, skyblocks, bedwars and tower defense games.

Technogamerz’s Minecraft server

Server IP Address:

Technogamerz is a big name in Indian Minecraft Community. Ujwal Chaurasia (also known as Technogamerz) has achieved remarkable success by gaining more than 17 million subscribers.

For his huge fan base, he has set up a Minecraft server. This server allows players to play survival, bedwars and arcade games such as TNT tag and TNT run, Quake and many more.